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Dom 4 Dic 2016 19:38:13 CET

Cari tutti,
vi segnalo questa iniziativa di Martin Paul Eve, professore alla Birkbeck a
Londra e attivista per le Digital Humanities nonche' fondatore con Caroline
Edwards della Open Library for Humanities:


Eve ha citato in giudizio Elsevier il 3 dicembre di fronte all'autorita'
anticorruzione UK per abuso di posizione dominante, in relazione alle
recenti trattative JICS/Elsevier per il contratto nazionale.

Merita una lettura attenta e una riflessione.

Cito solo una parte:

It is our view that Elsevier unfairly exploits the above dominant market
position to avoid price competition in several ways:

   1. We believe that Elsevier uses non-disclosure agreements extensively
   in order to ensure that its prices are unaffected by competition. David
   Tempest, Director of Access Relations at Elsevier, for example, argued that
   were other libraries/institutions of higher education worldwide to know the
   amount Elsevier charges for access, “everybody would drive down, down and
   down” on prices, leading to users paying less for accessing these materials
   (the goal of market competition). This is captured on video (Taylor, 2013).
   This represents, in our view, a substantial discrimination between
   customers based on little to no material difference in the circumstances of
   supply, as a result of a dominant market position and a desire to avoid
   price competition. We see this as consequently unfair to its customers who
   do not see the benefits of price competition.
   2. Because it holds such a dominant market position, we believe that
   Elsevier knows that institutions of higher education (its primary
   customers) will suffer if they do not subscribe to its packages. Because it
   controls such a large portion of scholarly and scientific materials (as
   above) it is able to leverage an operating profit margin of approximately
   above 40% in the STM division since 2011 (Larivière, Haustein, and Mongeon,
   2015, figure 7), demonstrating, in our view, substantial market
   dysfunction. We believe that this leads to a situation in which it is
   difficult for competitors to emerge based solely on Elsevier’s dominance.
   Because library budgets are finite, but Elsevier controls so much of the
   supply chain, we feel that smaller publishers are unable to compete due to
   the threat of Elsevier withdrawing its supply to the same customer base.

E ancora, piu' sotto:

Elsevier also control data and analytics services that are used by
universities to assess the reputation of journals, researchers, and
institutions. These services for both citation metrics (used to evaluate
researchers) and for university rankings are in part based on Elsevier’s
own journals, so it is our belief that institutions feel that to be
competitive they must have access to the journals that are used to assess
their research quality.

Buon inizio di settimana a tutti

dr. Elena Giglia
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